Engagement Shoot: Julie Ann & Padraig

A few weeks back I met up with these love birds for their e-shoot at Narrowater Castle; a place very special to them both & a photographers dream – a brooding & gothic waterfront castle offset by lush green lawns, budding summer flowers & colourful, picturesque outbuildings that were the perfect backdrop for shots.

Julie-Ann warned me that Padraig tends to be a ‘smoulderer’ in photos instead of a smiler…the challenge was set! But actually, it was a really easy photo shoot – they both giggled, smiled & smooched their way through and the photos reflect it!

E-shoot (2)
E-shoot (6)

E-shoot (7)

E-shoot (10)Check out this ring!

E-shoot (17) E-shoot (20)


E-shoot (22)

E-shoot (24)How gorgeous is Julie-Ann’s smile?!E-shoot (32)

E-shoot (25)

E-shoot (37)

E-shoot (39)

E-shoot (41)

E-shoot (45)

E-shoot (53)the shoes say it allE-shoot (55)

E-shoot (58) E-shoot (60) E-shoot (62)

Yasss! I broke the “smoulder” challenge & got a smile!E-shoot (65)

E-shoot (66)This was the *exact spot* they got engaged!E-shoot (69)

E-shoot (75)

E-shoot (79)Found these gorgeous buildings round the back of the Castle; I’m a sucker for flaking old painted doors – such a good backdrop!

E-shoot (83)

E-shoot (86)

E-shoot (87)

Thanks to the good folk at NarrowWater Castle for opening up for us at this e-shoot.

These guys get married on NEW YEARS EVE this year & I have the privilege of being there to capture it all – it’s gonna be a blast!!! Can’t wait. xx



Majorca on film

When I was a little girl I spent many happy family holidays in Majorca, particularly in the little fishing village of Porto Colom on the Southeast coast. A yearning for some sunshine & a cheap deal lured me back last month with my good friend Janika; we only had 4 days and mostly it was cloudy & not particularly warm but we still had a lovely holiday…reading, swimming & knocking back the cocktails!

My trusty 1974 Canon AE1 came with me and I shot the whole thing on film. I’m so glad I did because the light over there is incredible & works so well on film!

It went a little like this….


Above is the view from our room. I love arriving in the dark & throwing open the curtains in the morning to see what exciting, bright sunny vista awaits you!

our holiday (2) our holiday (3)Below was my favourite view during the holiday; the little steps leading down to the rocks where you could sunbathe & jump into the ocean. It was really quiet here & far away from other guests (perfect for antisocial me!) I loved the white sunny steps & sparkly turquoise water; I stood here every morning & drank in the view!

our holiday (4)

One of my favourite shots of the whole holiday! Janika was really unsure about entering the water…it took her a LONG time to get down those steps into the med every day….

our holiday (5)

…but she always did it eventually!

our holiday (6) our holiday (7)

Above: one day I took my camera down the steps & was fully immersed while taking this shot. Risky but worth it!

our holiday (8)

Prettiest Police Station ever?!

our holiday (9)

One of the cloudy days we took a little walk down into the marina area; it was so beautiful & the skies were dramatic

our holiday (10) our holiday (11) our holiday (12)

Below: fresh faced me! Being abroad is the only time I go without makeup, I love feeling the sun on my bare face & seeing all my freckles come out!

our holiday (13) our holiday (14) our holiday (15)

Below: a local fisherman mending his nets. In broken Spanish I asked him for a photo; he was very reluctant but eventually I got this (and no more!)

our holiday (16) our holiday (17) our holiday (18)

Below: beautiful little Cala Marcal beach; I used to swim here as a child so it was lovely to revisit! We went one evening after dinner when the sun was setting. It was terribly romantic & I wished my husband was there!

our holiday (19)


our holiday (20) our holiday (21) our holiday (22) our holiday (23) our holiday (24) our holiday (25) our holiday (26)

Found an old ruin for some urbexing!

our holiday (27) our holiday (28)

I spent lunches with my feet up overlooking the gorgeous, sparkling mediterranean. I could look at the ocean forever.

our holiday (29)

Anyone who has holidayed with me knows I am a different girl when I’m in the sunshine – I’m HAPPY! (although ironically I look miserable in this photo; poser-dom failed me)

our holiday (30)


Thanks Majorca! We’ll be back!