Engagement Shoot: Julie Ann & Padraig

A few weeks back I met up with these love birds for their e-shoot at Narrowater Castle; a place very special to them both & a photographers dream – a brooding & gothic waterfront castle offset by lush green lawns, budding summer flowers & colourful, picturesque outbuildings that were the perfect backdrop for shots.

Julie-Ann warned me that Padraig tends to be a ‘smoulderer’ in photos instead of a smiler…the challenge was set! But actually, it was a really easy photo shoot – they both giggled, smiled & smooched their way through and the photos reflect it!

E-shoot (2)
E-shoot (6)

E-shoot (7)

E-shoot (10)Check out this ring!

E-shoot (17) E-shoot (20)


E-shoot (22)

E-shoot (24)How gorgeous is Julie-Ann’s smile?!E-shoot (32)

E-shoot (25)

E-shoot (37)

E-shoot (39)

E-shoot (41)

E-shoot (45)

E-shoot (53)the shoes say it allE-shoot (55)

E-shoot (58) E-shoot (60) E-shoot (62)

Yasss! I broke the “smoulder” challenge & got a smile!E-shoot (65)

E-shoot (66)This was the *exact spot* they got engaged!E-shoot (69)

E-shoot (75)

E-shoot (79)Found these gorgeous buildings round the back of the Castle; I’m a sucker for flaking old painted doors – such a good backdrop!

E-shoot (83)

E-shoot (86)

E-shoot (87)

Thanks to the good folk at NarrowWater Castle for opening up for us at this e-shoot.

These guys get married on NEW YEARS EVE this year & I have the privilege of being there to capture it all – it’s gonna be a blast!!! Can’t wait. xx



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