forest celebrations

Lately I’ve been missing the Scottish mountains a lot & just craving to be outdoors and doing outdoorsy things in general; breathing fresh air & enjoying greenery and stretching my legs on long walks. Strange but true!

Last Monday was out 8th wedding anniversary and Ross must have picked up on my recent cravings because he booked us a magical little getaway in Tollymore Forest, Co. Down to celebrate for a few days.

Our little loft was super cosy & had a beautiful garden:

blog (7)

blog blog (2) blog (3)
blog (5) blog (4)The area has everything – the forest, the beach & the Mourne Mountains! Well done Ross. The hills even had mist on them which was romantic & reminded me of Scotland.

blog (8)We went on some long, fun walks

blog (11)

blog (9)

blog (10)

blog (6)

blog (13)the light was just amazing in the forest:
blog (14)what is it with boys and throwing rocks into water?
blog (17) blog (18)

blog (19)I also scouted some time amazing swimimng spots for next summer in the river Shimna…..

blog (16) blog (15)

………..and even did some urbexing!

blog (12)

Course there’s always time for some silly selfies, too

blog (3) (2)

blog (21) blog (20)

It was the perfect holiday – we got the balance of laying around reading, eating (too much) amazing food & then burning it off on long walks in the forest and then eating some more (because, you know, we’d earned it) Some friends had even given us these to wash it all down with…


What a refreshing wee break! Until next time………


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