to love where you live is special

This weekend I got to take some shots of my friend Suzy’s amazing Dublin townhouse; she sadly has to move in a few days & wanted some pics to remember it by!

Sometimes it feels silly taking photographs of a house, just the humble abode where you live. Eventually we move on, we begin to love new places. But when I look back at photos I’ve taken of MY previous homes, I’m always so glad I bothered! A photograph can re-jig a million little memories that we may have forgotten otherwise, and sometimes a wee rush of love comes with it.


wish I had a stoop to sit on. So reminiscent of scenes from a New York movie!DSCF0278

It’s all in the details…

house shots (11) house shots (12)I love me a good front door. In fact, I’d like to spend an afternoon photographing the beautiful doors around this area. Sad, right?

house shots (13)

Herbs at her front doorhouse shots (16) house shots (17)house shots (15)

Like any good neighbours, the girls spy on theirs from these top windows!
house shots (14)

house shots (19) house shots (20) house shots (21)

house shots (22) house shots (23) house shots (24)

Totally love this rug/wood combo
house shots (25) house shots (26) house shots (28)

Gorgeous fireplace….and stylishly embellished too.

house shots (10) house shots (9) house shots (8)

Single best thing about townhouses? The gorgeous natural light!house shots (7)

Did I mention Suzy is a chef?

Dublin (45)

She cooks a mean brunch…

Dublin (43) Dublin (40)
Dublin (30) Dublin (25) Dublin (19) Dublin (15) Dublin (14)

suze is always so happy & cheery!

Dublin (47)

and she has milky skin to die for! no fair!
Dublin (59)and such style:

Dublin (66)I love photographing my stylish friends in their cool houses! I believe this comes under the tag of Lifestyle Photography, and if you’d like a slice I’d love to do it! Drop me a line on xxx


day trip to paris

My good friend Anna & I hadn’t seen each other in ages..being that we live in different countries. So we decided to meet up & have a little day trip to my favourite city in the world – PARIS!! Where better to have a mammoth catch up over endless amounts of food & glasses of wine?

It started with a VERY early morning flight from a foggy Dublin airport….

DSCF9270Once in the city we headed to beautiful Montmartre …DSCF9275…and had a cracking lunch at this placeDSCF9278



DSCF9290We were really lucky with the weather!DSCF9293I even managed to snap a cheeky wedding photo!DSCF9295


DSCF9307We found bunnies to play with!DSCF9309


DSCF9322We couldn’t resist a quick peek at the Eiffel Tower & the beautiful Seine nearby
DSCF9327I adored this little houseboat called Julia:DSCF9335

DSCF9340I loved the colour of this crackly green doorDSCF9346


DSCF9365around the Marais, my favourite area where the best vintage shops are!DSCF9372