day trip to paris

My good friend Anna & I hadn’t seen each other in ages..being that we live in different countries. So we decided to meet up & have a little day trip to my favourite city in the world – PARIS!! Where better to have a mammoth catch up over endless amounts of food & glasses of wine?

It started with a VERY early morning flight from a foggy Dublin airport….

DSCF9270Once in the city we headed to beautiful Montmartre …DSCF9275…and had a cracking lunch at this placeDSCF9278



DSCF9290We were really lucky with the weather!DSCF9293I even managed to snap a cheeky wedding photo!DSCF9295


DSCF9307We found bunnies to play with!DSCF9309


DSCF9322We couldn’t resist a quick peek at the Eiffel Tower & the beautiful Seine nearby
DSCF9327I adored this little houseboat called Julia:DSCF9335

DSCF9340I loved the colour of this crackly green doorDSCF9346


DSCF9365around the Marais, my favourite area where the best vintage shops are!DSCF9372




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