Part 4 – Speeches & Dance Party

So, after a memorable wedding ceremony and a happy afternoon spent in the sun eating icecreams and having their portraits taken, Stephen & Lauren were welcomed into their wedding breakfast. The upper room at the Mill had been decorated with all Lauren’s pretty touches…

speeches-4speeches-6their friend Siobhan had spent hours making this beautiful bunting for the whole room!speeches-14speeches-15speeches-16speeches-20speeches-27speeches-30speeches-35speeches-36Let the speeches (and accompanying slideshow!) begin!speeches-38speeches-42speeches-45speeches-46speeches-49speeches-53Love this quaint for a table plan…speeches-97speeches-100speeches-103Time for the band to set up…!speeches-106speeches-117speeches-119speeches-126speeches-160speeches-168speeches-183speeches-141speeches-145things got blurrier as the night went on…(!)speeches-153It was a brilliant night…I danced so hard my legs hurt for 2 days afterwards!

Thanks to Lauren & Stephen for hiring us & letting us be part of your fantastic summer wedding! xxx



Stephen & Lauren – The Portraits!

Welcome to Part 3 of Stephen & Lauren’s beautiful late summer wedding in County Down. After the ceremony we all headed to beautiful Ballydugan Mill near Downpatrick and I nabbed them while the weather was still good for some portraits at the local duck pond!portraits-7portraits-11portraits-14portraits-16portraits-17portraits-19portraits-26portraits-38portraits-40portraits-44portraits-49portraits-51portraits-67portraits-71Lauren’s wedding day gift to her husband:portraits-72portraits-82portraits-85portraits-90the-mill-5the-mill-8

the-mill-7Lauren’s dad & grandad provided the music!the-mill-10Ice creams for everyone! (so delicious and refreshing in the heat)portraits-5the-mill-14the-mill-16the-mill-21the-mill-41the-mill-47Two dads on the sidelines…the-mill-61Stay tuned for shots of their awesome dance party to come next week!xxx

Stephen & Lauren – The Ceremony

Welcome to Part 2 of Stephen & Lauren’s special day, held at the Kingdom Hall in Downpatrick!hall-5Nipping to the beach for photos had made us girls a bit late….hall-12hall-17hall-21Poor Stephen…only 45 minutes extra to wait…!hall-23hall-30hall-32Thanks to second shooter Ross for the all important kiss shot!hall-34hall-37Stephen’s dad Stuart gave the ceremony talk, what a personal touch!hall-39hall-43hall-53hall-59“Look at my new ring!”hall-60hall-66hall-68hall-69hall-78hall-80hall-81hall-87Stay tuned for Part 3 – all the fun at the reception venue – the beautiful Ballydugan Mill!

Stephen & Lauren ‘s late Summer Wedding (Part 1)

Welcome to beautiful County Down…a most picturesque part of Northern Ireland…especially here near Tyrella beach – which was the stunning setting for Stephen & Lauren’s late summer wedding. Ross and I arrived early to start shooting the prep at their Gingerbread House and it went a little something like this….morning-2morning-5morning-13At last: a PINK wedding dress! Yay!morning-17morning-19morning-20morning-27morning-31morning-36morning-43morning-44morning-45a most chilled bride…morning-47morning-50morning-54morning-55morning-61morning-68Lauren as a flowergirl…morning-71morning-84morning-87morning-96Seriously, this dress..morning-109morning-111morning-113morning-115morning-117morning-122morning-121morning-119Kisses from baby Loki!morning-129Meanwhile, my trusty assistant Ross was over at the boys house, shooting the preparations there…morning-153morning-160I must have Ross well trained to get such a detail orientated, girly shot…morning-178morning-181morning-183morning-189Back with the girls, we couldn’t resist a few snaps at beautiful Tyrella beach before the ceremony…sure, it would make us slightly late..but when the beach is literally behind your house….morning-132morning-139morning-145morning-147Ok, we’re late enough..Let’s go!morning-149Part 2 coming soon! xx

Mingling & Portraits; Ciara & Dan – Part 3

Welcome back to Ciara & Dan’s beautiful springtime wedding! After the ceremony there was a lovely drinks reception and some live guitar music before the portraits took place. It went a little something like this…Drinks (4)Drinks (8)Drinks (22)Drinks (26)Drinks (30)Drinks (31)Drinks (40)Drinks (43)Drinks (46)Drinks (47)Drinks (49)Drinks (58)the canapes were super fancy! (and yummy)Drinks (59)Drinks (62)Drinks (64)Drinks (66)Drinks (71)Drinks (81)Drinks (84)Drinks (88)Drinks (91)Drinks (93)Drinks (94)Drinks (97)Drinks (109)Drinks (114)Drinks (117)Drinks (130)Drinks (132)Drinks (135)Drinks (136)PortraitsPortraits (11)Portraits (18)Portraits (24)Portraits (25)Portraits (38)Portraits (39)Portraits (45)Portraits (49)Portraits (54)Portraits (69)Portraits (74)thanks for looking! Wasn’t it a sweet wedding! Remember to leave a comment! xx

Ciara & Dan – Part 2; Ceremony!

Welcome back to Part 2 of Ciara & Dan’s lovely spring wedding in Carlingford! The girls were ready well in time and talked the boys into meeting them at the beach for some pre-ceremony shots. I always LOVE moments like these; it makes a wedding so much more about love, fun & naturalness and much less calculated and formal.

Here’s Ciara walking with her girls to meet her man!morning (144)and here’s Groom Dan getting their son Noah ready to see his mummy!morning (146)first look!morning (154)morning (164)morning (179)morning (188)morning (192)morning (197)morning (201)morning (203)heading off inside to get married!morning (207)ceremony (7)what a priveledge to have local legend Graine Duffy and her bandmate playing! Totally gorgeous.ceremony (10)ceremony (15)ceremony (17)ceremony (23)ceremony (28)ceremony (30)ceremony (35)there were some lovely moments, including readings & lighting of candles for missed loved onesceremony (39)ceremony (41)ceremony (43)ceremony (45)ceremony (47)ceremony (49)ceremony (54)ceremony (56)ceremony (60)look at these cheeky wee monkeys!ceremony (62)done! married!ceremony (63)ceremony (65)ceremony (68)ceremony (72)ceremony (77)ceremony (81)ceremony (85)celebration time!ceremony (92)tune in for part 3 soon! xxxx

Ciara & Dan wedding Part 1 (morning prep)

Welcome to Ciara & Dan’s utterly gorgeous spring wedding at Ghan House, Carlingford!

We started off shooting some pics of the girls getting ready at the hotel nearby…it went a little something like this!

Ciara wanted to include her late parents in her wedding, and I thought this brooch was a really beautiful way to have them with hermorning (5)morning (14)morning (17)morning (20)morning (28)morning (31)morning (32)morning (35)morning (38)morning (39)morning (44)This is what happens when you try to photograph the makeup artist…!morning (48)morning (49)morning (55)morning (59)morning (63)morning (66)morning (69)morning (73)morning (76)morning (79)morning (81)morning (82)morning (83)morning (90)I absolutely LOVED the bridesmaids dresses! So delicate & pretty; perfect for spring.morning (91)The boys sent a cute photo of the progress at their end…morning (92)morning (94)morning (97)morning (99)morning (102)morning (104)morning (110)Ciara’s dress was sooooo beautiful!morning (116)morning (122)morning (123)morning (125)My favourite bit was the train coming out of the back!morning (127)morning (134)morning (138)Ready to go meet the boys!morning (140)

Part 2 coming soon – the ceremony!


JulieAnn & Padraig Part 4 – speeches & dancing!

Onto the final part of Julieann & Padraig’s NYE wedding bash – speeches & dancing! It started with the cutting of this fabulous cake!

Speeches (85)Speeches (87)Speeches (92)Speeches (12)Speeches (19)Speeches (13)Speeches (36)Speeches (47)Speeches (74)Speeches (56)Onto the immense dance party!Dancing (6)Dancing (3)Dancing (11)Dancing (58)Dancing (29)Dancing (19)Dancing (22)Dancing (26)Dancing (31)and a special father-daughter dance…Dancing (40)Dancing (49)Dancing (53)Dancing (94)Dancing (110)Dancing (16)Dancing (81)Dancing (92)Dancing (135)Dancing (113)Dancing (99)Dancing (98)Dancing (86)Speeches (44)Dancing (76)the girls did some lively traditional irish dancing!Dancing (128)Dancing (130)Dancing (57)The happy couple obliged me for some shots outside as we neared midnight…Dancing (142)Dancing (140)Dancing (137)DancingThe guests gathered on the balcony for the surprise fireworks to usher in 2016!Dancing (143)Dancing (146)and that was the merry end to Julieann & Padraig’s extravaganza of  a wedding! What a priveledge to be a part of!

JulieAnn & Padraig Part 3: The Portraits

Thanks for rejoining me on our journey through Padraig & Julie-Ann’s beautiful New Year’s Eve Wedding! From the chapel at Ballymartin we took the gorgeous coastal road round to historic Ballydugan Mill in Downpatrick!the portraitsthe portraits (4)the portraits (29)the portraits (33)the portraits (10)the portraits (12)

the portraits (42)the portraits (47)the portraits (52)the portraits (54)the portraits (58)the portraits (63)the portraits (75)the portraits (73)the portraits (32)the portraits (18)the portraits (24)the portraits (26)the portraits (98)the portraits (105)I love this shot below of Padraig with his mum; her hat kept flying off in the wind!the portraits (93)the portraits (94)

the portraits (78)aren’t these flower girls the cutest?!

Join us again soon for the final part of the day – speeches and the awesome dance party & fireworks!