Stephen & Lauren ‘s late Summer Wedding (Part 1)

Welcome to beautiful County Down…a most picturesque part of Northern Ireland…especially here near Tyrella beach – which was the stunning setting for Stephen & Lauren’s late summer wedding. Ross and I arrived early to start shooting the prep at their Gingerbread House and it went a little something like this….morning-2morning-5morning-13At last: a PINK wedding dress! Yay!morning-17morning-19morning-20morning-27morning-31morning-36morning-43morning-44morning-45a most chilled bride…morning-47morning-50morning-54morning-55morning-61morning-68Lauren as a flowergirl…morning-71morning-84morning-87morning-96Seriously, this dress..morning-109morning-111morning-113morning-115morning-117morning-122morning-121morning-119Kisses from baby Loki!morning-129Meanwhile, my trusty assistant Ross was over at the boys house, shooting the preparations there…morning-153morning-160I must have Ross well trained to get such a detail orientated, girly shot…morning-178morning-181morning-183morning-189Back with the girls, we couldn’t resist a few snaps at beautiful Tyrella beach before the ceremony…sure, it would make us slightly late..but when the beach is literally behind your house….morning-132morning-139morning-145morning-147Ok, we’re late enough..Let’s go!morning-149Part 2 coming soon! xx


A New Year’s Eve Celebration (Padraig & Julie-Ann, Part 1)

Ooh, I do love a whirlwind romance! Padraig & Julie-Ann hadn’t been together long before they realised it was meant to be! They chose New Year’s Eve 2015 for their wedding celebration and I was priviledged to be┬áthere to snap it all.

Here’s how their day went …

The girls got ready at a local salon in Kilkeel! I managed to get in the very first picture!Salon (9)Salon (11)Salon (15)Salon (29)Salon (30)Salon (31)totally LOVE the matching jammies idea!Salon (34)Salon (39)I love this shot of the bridesmaids in their jammies nipping out to get breakfast!Salon (50)Our bride in the makeup hotseat!Salon (54)once back at home…getting ready (7)getting ready (17)getting ready (13)getting ready (4)getting ready (12)getting ready (26)getting ready (55)getting ready (36)getting ready (63)getting ready (24)Julie-Ann starts getting ready…getting ready (39)I love when a bride including family heirlooms in their attire, like this musical brooch belonging to Julie-Ann’s grandmothergetting ready (51)getting ready (44)getting ready (49)getting ready (54)the family see her for the first time!getting ready (60)

And then we were off to the ceremony! Part 2 to follow soon!